Senior Dog Food

Purina’s senior dog food is specially formulated with essential nutrients to help older dogs live their best lives. Find the best dog food for your older dog here.


Why Senior Dog Food?

As dogs age, they start to slow down—both physically and mentally. Their nutritional needs change, too.

Around age seven (later for some smaller breeds) is when a food for older dogs becomes important.

Finding the best senior dog food for your companion is an important way to help them continue to live a happy, healthy life. Purina offers a variety of dog foods for older dogs, each specially formulated to nourish them through their senior years.

Like the best food for older dogs should, each of our senior dog diets helps to maintain a senior dog’s health, even as they age.

Benefits of Senior Dog Food

  • Antioxidants help support a healthy immune system 
  • Higher in protein to help maintain lean body mass 
  • Formulated for dogs age 7+ 
  • 100% complete and balanced for adult dogs 

Learn More About Senior Dog Food and Feeding

Senior dogs eating purina healthy aging dog food
As dogs age, they may gain weight or experience reduced mobility. Feeding a senior dog food can help your dog continue to live life to the fullest. Learn about the benefits of senior formulas here.
When to Switch to Senior Dog Food
Knowing when to switch to senior dog food can be confusing. Learn how special senior dog food formulas can support your dog's mental sharpness and physical activity.
beagle puppy eating from a dog bowl

Quality Ingredients

We only select dog and cat food ingredients for nutrition that helps your pet live his best life possible. If you’ve ever wondered what the ingredients in your pet’s food do, read on to find out.